July 9th – 10th, 2019
International Convention Center, Beijing, China

WGDC 1.0 upgrading to 2.0
A Spatial Information Conference Connecting All Cross-border Innovations

WGDC, organized by Taibo, has been leading the spatial information industry. Renowned with the reputation of “Innovation Indicator”, WGDC has become an important platform for industry cross-border development and international exchange. Themed with “The New Space Economy Era”, the eighth edition of WGDC in 2019 will explore new definitions, modes and boundaries of industry under the background of science and technology integration, and demonstrate the whole new industry economy era featured with the integration of space, earth and ocean as well as communications, remote sensing and navigation.

Conference Topics

Opening Ceremony

Key words: Industrial policy, innovation trends, investing opportunities, cross-border stars, etc.

Commercial Aerospace Summit

Key words: Commercial rocket, lower orbit satellite, satellite big data + AI, satellite IoT, Internet + aerospace, etc.

G-TECH Summit

Key words: Spatial big data, AI, deep learning, LBS, business intelligence, AR/VR integration technology, indoor positioning, etc.

Homeland Spatial Planning

Key words: Top-level design of homeland and spatial planning, data integration, multi-rules-into-one integration, urban and rural planning, ecological red line, land conservation and intensive use, industrial and urban integration and development, etc.

Smart City and Digital Government Summit

Key words: 5G application, smart city 4.0, urban brain, government affairs’ big data, IoT, characteristic town, government affair digitalization etc.

Intelligent Agriculture Summit

Key words: Plant Protection UAV, agricultural machinery autopilot, agricultural digitalization, remote sensing big data, insurance, futures, bulk trading, etc.

Intelligent Transport/Auto Drive Map Summit

Key words: auto drive, connected vehicles, intelligent automobile, high-precision map, AI, machine learning, etc.

3D Virtual Scenes

Key words: National basic surveying and mapping development, virtual 3D China, digital twinning, refined urban management, 3D model application, surveying and mapping satellite, UAV aerial survey, lidar, tilted photography, mobile measurement system, etc.

Industrial Chain Partner Connecting

Key words: Spatial information industry chain, trade fair, demand and supply, complementary resources, comprehensive coverage of upstream, midstream and downstream, etc.

Closing Ceremony + Awarding Ceremony

Key words: Academician sharing, future unicorn, capital dialogue, globalization round table, annual awards, etc.

Previous Guests

Li Deren

Academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences
Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering

Li Pengde

Deputy director of China Geological Survey, Ministry of Natural Resources
United Nations expert on Global Geospatial Information Management

Tian Yulong

Deputy director of State Administration of Science, Technology and Industry for National Defense
Party member

Doug Brent

CTO, Trimble

Meng Liqiu

Academician of German Academy of Natural Sciences


Founder of Navteq (Now known as Here)

Tao Chuang

Founder of Z VENTURES

Sun Yuguo

Director of China Association for Geographic Information Society
Founder of NavInfo

Liu Yuzhang

Founder, President and CEO of Taibo

Zheng Yu

Chief Data Scientist

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